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“e” inc.’s “Winter Lights in the Rainforest” Inspires Local Children

Posted January 9, 2008 by

Cambridge, MA (January 8, 2008) – On December 8th in Cambridge, area children and families came together to celebrate the holidays and help the environment at an exciting event held by “e” inc., The Environmental Learning & Action Center.

“Winter Lights in the Rainforest,” which took place at a Starbucks branch in Kendall Square, provided a fun holiday setting in which kids learned about the rainforest and ways in which they could help preserve it.  After exploring stations set up for rainforest lessons, scavenger hunts, field notebooks, and other hands-on activities, children left empowered to take action to preserve the rainforests in their daily lives through small measures, such as trying to avoid eating beef raised on rainforest land.
The successful event was held in the spirit of “e” inc.’s year-round work helping local students understand the relevance of the environment to their own lives and, most importantly, their capacity to act as agents of positive change.

“e” inc.‘s in-school and after-school programs such as “Planet Protectors,” which has curricula in global warming, rainforests, and ocean biodiversity, create fun, engaging atmospheres in which students learn about serious environmental topics. Students leave each session, as they did this event, with a greater understanding of their own power to tackle these critical issues.

“e” inc.‘s programs are growing every year with the help of partners like Starbucks, Polaroid and the Stearns Foundation, organizations that are interested in “e” inc.‘s unique mixture of environmental education and civic participation.

You can learn more about the event or about “e” inc.‘s exciting work by contacting Dr. Ricky Stern (by email or phone – 617-227-1522).


ASA Provides Support to China MSA For Monitoring Recent South Korea Oil Spill

Posted January 7, 2008 by

NARRAGANSETT, RI – ASA’s Dr. Xiongping Zhang provides support to China’s Oil Spill Emergency Response Center–working on monitoring and forecasting spilled oil from the worst oil spill in South Korean history.

On December 7, 2007, the oil tanker Hebei Spirit, anchored 100 kilometers (60 miles) south of Seoul, was pierced by a crane-carrying barge, releasing 10,500 metric tons of crude oil into the sea.

The oil came ashore along a 300 kilometer stretch of shoreline on Korea’s west coast, a region that is a very active with fisheries. The spill resulted in blackened beaches, coated birds in oily tar and cast a foul smell over a nature reserve.

Korea’s neighbors in China offered support to Korea based on the United Nations Environment Programme’s (UNEP) Northwest Pacific Action Plan. ASA’s OILMAP oil spill modeling response system is  used in China and the Oil Spill Emergency Response Center of China’s Maritime Safety Administration (MSA) asked ASA for support. Dr. Xiongping Zhang, ASA?s Asia Project Director, provided modeling services to predict the trajectory and fate of the spill right after the accident. OILMAP connects to ASA’s COASTMAP real-time environmental data server (EDS), which aggregates crucial  Metocean data from various sources to increase the accuracy of the predictions. Dr. Zhang also answered the question to China MSA for potential impact of the spill to China coast using OILMAP stochatic simulation based on the environmental data over the past twenty years.

China and Japan also sent 100 tons of dispersant and experts under a UN emergency response plan to help South Korea mitigate the spill. The prospects for environmental rehabilitation after the spill are good due to “quick and effective action” by the Korean and other authorities, a joint United Nations-European Commission Assessment Team has found.