100 Planet Protectors Graduate from “e” inc.’s After-School Programs and Bestow the First Annual Children’s Planet Protector Award

Boston, MA (May 19, 2008) – On June 11th at 4pm, more than 100 children will be feted at “e” inc.’s First Annual Planet Protectors Graduation Ceremony at the City Year Community Space in Boston’s South End. The children, who have attended after-school classes focused on environmental science and community action, have taken on projects to actively conserve resources in their communities and develop awareness of environmental issues among their peers. They will present their ongoing action projects in a science-fair setting while being honored for their commitment to the environment and their outstanding leadership and sworn in as Planet Protectors.

In turn the children will bestow the First Annual Planet Protectors Award to Timothy Pappas, President of Pappas Enterprises, Inc., for his commitment to Leeds Gold Standard development in the City of Boston.

The honorees are from schools in Dorchester, Roxbury, Mattapan, Cambridge, Brighton and the South End. The event will be held in the spirit of “e” inc.’s year-round work helping local students understand the relevance of the environment to their own lives and, most importantly, their capacity to act as agents of positive change.  The Planet Protectors program, which has curricula in global warming, rainforests, the ecology of your backyard, and ocean biodiversity, creates a fun, engaging atmosphere in which students learn about serious environmental topics. Students make impressive gains in standards-based science while also leaving each session with a greater understanding of their own power to tackle these critical issues.  Our children leave committed to protecting their planet for the future – a shift we celebrate on June 11th.

You can learn more about the event or about “e” inc.’s exciting work by contacting Dr. Ricky Stern, Executive Director ([email protected] or 617-227-1522).