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Membership Rates

EBC dues are based on the number of employees a company has in New England, and are administrated on a calendar-year basis. A member company’s initial fee, therefore, is prorated based upon the time of year the company joins. See table below for first-year charges.

  • 1st quarter (January, February, March) – 100 percent
  • 2nd quarter (April, May, June) – 75 percent
  • 3rd quarter (July, August, September) – 50 percent
  • 4th quarter (October, November, December) – 100 percent and includes following year’s membership.

Note: The prices below are the total dues for the current year. For example, if you join in July and your company has 21-100 employees, then you pay $750 total for the current year’s dues.


Number of Employees:1-45-2021-100101-300Over 300
January February & March$350$700$1500$2775$3925
April May & June$260$525$1125$2080$2950
July August & September$175$350$750$1400$1960
October November & December$350$700$1500$2775$3925


Number of Employees:1-45-2021-99100+
January February & March$250$450$900$1800
April May & June$190$340$675$1350
July August & September$125$225$450$900
October November & December$250$450$900$1800

Parent companies and subsidiaries: If a parent company joins the EBC, all employees, even of subsidiaries, can take advantage of the member benefits. Only the parent company will be listed on EBC materials. However, if the subsidiary company would like to be listed, then they can join the EBC at a 50% discount.

Sister companies: If sister companies would like to join the EBC, each company is required to join individually.