EBC Emerging Contaminants “Coffee Break” – Connecticut PFAS Discussion


Date: January 11, 2022

Time: 10:00 am - 11:00 am


Phone: (617) 505-1818

Email: [email protected]


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EBC Executive Committee Meeting

Virtual Meeting

This meeting is for members of the EBC Executive Committee. This is not a public meeting. To receive the full listing of EBC Executive Committee meetings for 2021, please contact the EBC staff at [email protected]

EBC Board of Directors Meeting

Virtual Meeting

This meeting is for members of the EBC Board of Directors. This is not a public meeting. To receive the full listing of EBC Board of Directors meetings for 2021, please contact the EBC staff at [email protected]

EBC Solid Waste Management Webinar: Big Battles in The World of Recycling

Virtual Event

Partnering Organizations:               Northern New England Chapter Southern New England Chapter This EBC Solid Waste Management webinar will shed light on the economic, social, and technical tensions in the world of recycling.   How has the recycling infrastructure responded to market demand since China’s National Sword Policy?  Everyone focuses on diversion, […]

EBC Professional Development Webinar: Virtually Unstoppable! How to Accelerate Your Career from Your Home Office

Virtual Event

This EBC Professional Development webinar will consist of a panel of industry members with diverse backgrounds to discuss the impacts of working remotely on junior to mid level career staff. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies are implementing new programs for employees to work from home either full time or part time. […]

EBC 2nd Annual Connecticut Offshore Wind Webinar: Developments, Ports, Foundations & Innovations

Virtual Event

This EBC 2nd Annual Connecticut Offshore Wind Webinar will inform you on renewable energy policies and procurements by the State of Connecticut, progress on the Revolution Wind and Park City wind farm and port developments in New London and Bridgeport. We will examine how different types of turbine foundation designs vary and impact the local, […]

EBC Dam Management Webinar: Resilient Dams – Considering Climate Change in Dam Management, Rehabilitation, & Removal

Virtual Event

This EBC Dam Management webinar will focus on climate change considerations for the management, rehabilitation, and removal of dams. Due to the increasing magnitude and frequency of storm events, it is important to ensure that existing dams can accommodate flood flows, to design dam rehabilitation and removal projects to withstand floods and improve flood resiliency […]

EBC New Hampshire Webinar: Celebrating 50 Years of the United States Environmental Protection Agency

Virtual Event

Twenty-five years after the close of the Second World War, U.S. industrial production was roaring and the country was growing without proper attention to waste streams. Smog, acid rain, polluted waters, industrial sites, and a distressed natural environment were impacting communities across the country. The Environmental Protection Agency was established in 1970 and the Clean […]

EBC Climate Change Webinar: Living with Heat – How Cool(ing) Things Can Help Us Thrive in the Future

Virtual Event

Urban man-made materials such as concrete or asphalt “store” heat during the day and slowly release it at night, a phenomenon known as the Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect. In contrast, less built-up areas with added green spaces and trees provide cooling through evaporation and shade. Over the past decades, our changing climate has led […]

EBC Environmental Justice Webinar: Introduction to Environmental Justice – Theory, Practice, and Real-World Consequences

Virtual Event

This EBC Environmental Justice program will provide an introduction of environmental justice concepts, including a background of the movement and its relationship to civil rights advocacy, a discussion of current policy and enforcement implementation at the federal, state, and local level, and a panel discussing the role of environmental justice in business operations, development opportunities, […]

EBC Infrastructure Leadership Webinar: Update on Massport Program Priorities from Lisa Wieland, Chief Executive Officer

Virtual Event

This EBC Infrastructure Leadership program features Lisa Wieland, Chief Executive Officer of the Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport). Ms. Wieland will provide an overview of Massport’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the downturn in the aviation and maritime industries, priority activities and programs, and the status of current and planned capital projects. A robust panel […]

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This is an EBC Member Only meeting.  If you are a non-member and are interested in participating in this meeting, please call or email the Environmental Business Council.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 617-505-1818

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