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VOC Control/Stack Testing Workshops (CT)

US EPA Region 1

In Cooperation with
Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection
Massachusetts Office of Technical Assistance
Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection

With Co-Sponsors
Environmental Business Council
Associated Industries of Massachusetts
Air & Waste Management Association – New England Section
Manufacturing Alliance of Connecticut
New Haven Manufacturers Association
Smaller Manufacturers Association of Connecticut

The workshops will cover how to: save money and reduce your regulatory burden through pollution prevention and keeping in compliance; avoid common problems EPA has seen in stack tests of thermal and catalytic oxidizers that have led to regulatory violations; maintain these devices; and prepare for and successfully conduct a stack test. Speakers will include expert government staff and industry consultants.

Who should attend: Facility production and EHS managers and environmental consultants.

Expert Speakers:
Steve Rapp, Chief, Air Technical Unit, EPA Region I
Anne Arnold/Bob McConnell, EPA Region 1
Joseph Su/Bob Wineberg, MA DEP
Susan Lancey, EPA Region 1
Paul Murphy, CAAssociates
Ken Soltys, Consultant
Alan Hicks/William Osbahr, EPA Region 1 Laboratory
Howard Schiff, TRC Environmental Solutions