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The Water Forum: A Series on Sustainable Water Resources Management

The topic: “Massachusetts DEP Water Management Act Policy – The Good News and Bad News.”
The Water Management Act Policy, issued in April 2004 by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), has created great controversy, especially among municipal officials and the water supply community. This policy creates the necessity for local governments to balance the potential environmental impacts of additional water supply withdrawals with the potential economic impacts of new residential and commercial growth, leaving many to wonder where that balance is, and how to get there.
The goal of this forum is to bring together various stakeholders to discuss the Water Management Act Policy in an open forum. The desired result would be 1) an exchange of ideas, 2) greater understanding of the impacts on stakeholders, and 3) the start of a collaborative process to build consensus.
Daniel K. Moon, President, EBC
Michael J. Hanlon, Chairman, Weston & Sampson, Inc.
Brent L. Reagor, Deputy Health Director, Town of Acton, Massachusetts
Keynote Speakers:
Arleen O’Donnell, Acting Commissioner, MassDEP
Registration Fee:
There is no charge to attend this event.
Open to EBC members and non-members.