PFAS Analytical Methods “Coffee Hour” – EBC Emerging Contaminants Working Group


Date: December 7, 2023


Phone: (617) 505-1818

Email: [email protected]


Virtual Event

Information for participating in the virtual meeting will be shared with registered attendees in a confirmation email.

PFAS have been used extensively in a wide array of products resulting in trace levels of the contaminant almost everywhere you look. This EBC Emerging Contaminants Coffee Hour discussion is centered on current and upcoming methods for sampling and analyzing PFAS in various environmental media. The group will discuss current challenges in regard to matrix-specific sampling protocols, analytical quality control, and more. Please come to the coffee hour with some specific questions or experience you have in this area so we can discuss together.

EBC Coffee Hours are open to EBC Members only. The intention of the meeting is to provide an opportunity for EBC Members to connect with others and discuss a current issue in the industry. Moderation, provided by Liz Denly of TRC, will be light and all are encouraged to ask questions and provide their thoughts.

This coffee hour is hosted by the EBC Emerging Contaminants Working Group.

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