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Joint Meeting of the EBC Ocean and Coastal Resources Committee Meeting / EBC Water Resources Committee

The EPA Region 1 Ocean and Coastal Protection Unit administers federal programs to protect and restore marine and estuarine waters in the New England region. The unit is involved in coastal initiatives such as those related to the implementation of the U.S. Ocean Action Plan, various monitoring programs such as the National Coastal Assessment and Gulf of Maine Ocean Observing System, and coastal habitat restoration through Coastal America with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and other federal, state, and local agencies and organizations. The unit works to gain support and assistance from other EPA regulatory programs to protect the marine environment, and conducts technology application and transfer activities and outreach to the public, regional constituency groups, and state and local agencies and officials with responsibilities for ocean and coastal protection.

The unit is also responsible for regulating the disposal of dredged material, vessel sewage, and other wastes; managing the six National Estuary Programs in New England; coordinating state and local beach monitoring and public notification programs; conducting environmental impact reviews of federal activities in coastal areas and marine waters; and assisting with the issuance of National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits.
Mel Cote, Manager
Ocean and Coastal Protection Unit, US EPA