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EBC Water Resources Program: Sustainable Water Management Initiative

June 14, 2013 @ 8:00 am – 11:00 am

The Commonwealth’s Sustainable Water Management Initiative (SWMI) involves updating the rules for water withdrawal permits. Begun in 2010, SWMI addresses sometimes competing needs for water, including public water supplies, business and the health of rivers and streams to support fish and other aquatic life. One of the first goals of SWMI was to describe the current condition of stream and river resources statewide. SWMI applies new scientific analysis on the effects of groundwater withdrawals and impervious surfaces to describe this current condition for 1,400 subbasins across Massachusetts.  MassDEP’s Water Management Act (WMA) Program (MGL 21G) will use these categories to assign withdrawal applications to Permit Review Tiers to protect waterways through flow alteration goals and associated requirements to minimize and mitigate impacts. SWMI also includes a revised Safe Yield methodology limiting the amount of water that can be withdrawn in the 27 major watersheds. This EBC presentation will explain the final SWMI Framework, highlight municipal pilot projects conducted to “test” its application and outline next steps.  The perspectives of water suppliers and watershed groups will also be presented.

Program Chair
  Michael P. Guidice
Associate, CDM Smith


  • Julia Blatt, Executive Director, Massachusetts River Alliance
  • Bethany Card, Assistant Commissioner, Bureau of Resource Protection, MassDEP
  • Jennifer Pederson, Executive Director, Massachusetts Water Works Association
  • Additional speakers to be announced.

Final Agenda

The electricity for this EBC event has been matched with 100% local wind power through New England Wind, a program of Mass Energy Consumers Alliance. You can green your electricity too! Visit www.massenergy.org.