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EBC Water Forum: Development of an Expanded Massachusetts Stormwater Program

October 8, 2008 @ 7:30 am – 9:30 am

Speaker: Glenn Haas, Acting Assistant Commissioner, Bureau of Resource Protection

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MassDEP is developing a program to reduce stormwater pollution and increase the amount of water recharged into the ground, to help replenish groundwater levels and maintain base-flows to streams during the summer.  As part of this program, MassDEP is developing a general permit and self certification program for large industrial, commercial and institutional facilities*.
In order to ensure that the general permit and self certification regulations are well designed, MassDEP is seeking input from EBC members and other stakeholders with knowledge of stormwater management issues.

Join us to hear Glenn Haas, Acting Assistant Commissioner at MASS DEP, speak about this evolving stormwater program and take advantage of this opportunity to provide your comments directly to MassDEP on this topic.

*Facilities (commercial, industrial, residential and private institutions) statewide which have 5 acres or more of impervious cover (parking lots and roofs) would be impacted. In areas where a TMDL sets a target reduction for stormwater pollution the 5 acre threshold may be reduced. Coverage would be for existing, new and redevelopment

See attachment for more details.