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EBC Solid Waste, Water Resource & Renewable Energy Program: Anaerobic Digestion – From Waste to Resource

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has initiated a major effort to encourage the recycling and the processing of source separated organic materials such as food wastes.  For this EBC program, the commissioners of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) and their staffs will describe the strategy the Commonwealth has initiated to address the siting and financing of source separated organics processing facilities. The strategy provides a clear siting and permitting pathway, a ban on disposal of certain organics and development of facilities on state owned land.  Representatives of the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center(CEC) and the DOER will describe how they propose to provide incentives for energy facilities that use source separated organic feedstocks, such as anaerobic digestion. Presenting the private sector perspective will be Paul Sellew, President of Harvest Power, a Massachusetts based owner and operator of facilities throughout North American that produce renewable energy and high-value soil, mulch and organic fertilizer products from organic materials.

Program Chair:
Robert Golledge
Golledge Strategies and Solutions, LLC

Keynote Speakers

Mark Sylvia
Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources

Kenneth Kimmel
Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection
Speakers include:

  • Jamie Doucett, Bureau of Waste Prevention, MassDEP
  • Ann Lowery, Bureau of Resource Protection, MassDEP
  • Greg Cooper, Bureau of Waste Prevention, MassDEP
  • Catherine Finneran, Clean Energy Director, MassDEP
  • Paul Sellew, President, Harvest Power
  • Amy Barad, MassCEC
  • Bram Claeys, MassDOER

Final Agenda


The electricity for this EBC event has been matched with 100% local wind power through New England Wind, a program of Mass Energy Consumers Alliance. You can green your electricity too! Visit www.massenergy.org.