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EBC Site Visit – University New Hampshire – Stormwater Center

There is a growing importance and regulatory attention being paid to stormwater management. This EBC site visit to the UNH Stormwater Center will provide an opportunity to review hands on research of stormwater processes for those involved in planning, design and implementation of stormwater management practices.

The UNH Stormwater Center designed, constructed, and runs a facility that provides the controlled testing of stormwater management designs and devices. The primary mission of the Center is the protection of water resources through effective stormwater management. Currently the Center is acting as a unique technical resource for stormwater practitioners by studying a range of issues for specific stormwater management strategies including design, water quality and quantity, cost, maintenance, and operations. The field research facility serves as a site for testing stormwater treatment processes, for technology demonstrations and workshops. The testing results and technology demonstrations are meant to assist in the planning, design, and implementation of effective stormwater management strategies for resource managers.