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EBC Site Remediation Program: Unique Challenges to Responding to Extreme Weather and Large Scale HazMat Events

Responding to extreme weather and large scale hazmat events that require significant remediation is becoming more common. These events can be intense hazmat releases in densely populated urban environments or extreme weather affecting large geographic regions from ice storms, floods, tornadoes, and hurricanes. Hurricane Sandy was the ultimate test in preparedness and execution. Responding to these events presents unique challenges that include asset allocation, waste management, third party access and the logistics of being at the frontline. This EBC program brings together government, private sector, and contractors who plan for, and execute responses to extreme weather and large scale urban hazmat events. Are you prepared?

Program Chair:

  Stephen A. Sakakeeny, LSP, CPG, CHMM
Principal, SAK Environmental LLC

Speakers include:

  • Daniel A. Watton, LSP, Manager, Cost Risk & Site Remediation, Northeast Utilities
  • Michael E. Russas, Response and Field Services Section Chief, Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency
  • Jack Sullivan, Regional Environmental Officer, Region 1, Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • Stephen Sakakeeny, LSP, CPG, CHMM, Principal, SAK Environmental LLC
  • Ron Schales, Executive Vice President, TMC Environmental

Final Agenda