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EBC Site Remediation Program: Nanotechnology – Applications for Environmental Remediation

Nanotechnology applied to environmental remediation promises to clean up some of the most polluted sites in the United States, like Hunter Point Shipyard in San Fransisco, at reduced overall costs and reduced cleanup times.  However, despite the potentially high performance and low cost of nanoremediation, concerns have been raised about what impact nanoparticles may have on plants, animals, microorganisms, and ecosystems.

This EBC Site Remediation Program on nanoremediation will explore the technology and the benefits and risks of using these highly reactive, artificially small particles to clean up contaminants released to the environment.

Program Chair:
Carl Shapiro, LSP, President, Avidar Environmental Consulting & Engineering, LLC


  • Rick Reibstein, MA EOEEA, Office of Technical Assistance and Technology
  • Geeta Dahal, Environmental Engineer, Verutek Technologies
  • Frank Lilley, LSP, Senior Consultant, Golder Associates
  • Steve Clough, Ph.D., DABT, Senior Toxicologist, Haley & Aldrich, Inc.

Final Agenda