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EBC Site Remediation and Redevelopment Committee Meeting

Over the past 10 years, the Bureau of Waste Site Cleanup has implemented various programs, regulatory and statute changes designed to facilitate redevelopment on contaminated properties. Assistant Commissioner Commerford will join us at our next Site Remediation and Redevelopment Committee Meeting to discuss these recent efforts in that regard, including recent changes to the MCP that impact brownfields redevelopment.

Assistant Commissioner Commerford will discuss the new “white-knight”, petroleum-in-GW-1, and updated cleanup standards MCP provisions, and will also cover other issues of program interest, including the upcoming Asbestos-in-Soil regulations, the status of the Historic Urban Fill workgroup and RCRA Corrective Action authorization, indoor air, as well as future trends in the Massachusetts regulatory landscape.

This will be an excellent opportunity to learn about the recent-past MCP changes, near-future MCP changes and long-term possible changes to the program that affect Brownfields redevelopment. After Assistant Commissioner Commerford’s presentation, she will be pleased to answer questions and listen to your comments and ideas regarding additional potential areas for streamlining and improving Massachusetts’ brownfields redevelopment.