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EBC Seminar: Climate Change Issues and Challenges: Managing Carbon

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As more and more national and international attention is focused on addressing the issues of global climate change, governments are developing programs mandating action on the part of business and industry to manage their green house gases (GHG). This EBC program will focus on the nuts and bolts requirements of those carbon management programs that include GHG Inventories, Carbon Registries, Life Cycle Assessments and Disclosure Requirements.
Speakers include:

  • Jeff Holmes, Genzyme Corporation
  • Denise Sheehan, The Climate Registry
  • James Colman, Massachusetts DEP
  • Anne Kelly, CERES
  • Tim Greiner, Pure Strategies, Inc.
  • Michael Van Brunt, Covanta Energy Corporation
  • Paul Baier, Groom Energy
  • B. Tod Delaney, First Environment
  • Ardis Vaughan, Tyco International (invited)
  • Helen Waldorf,
  • Donald Neal, Calpine Corporation
  • Jacob Madsen, ERM