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EBC Rhode Island Chapter Symposium: Coastal Development Regulation in the Ocean State – Moving Forward

This EBC Rhode Island Chapter symposium will focus on the important new and provocative state regulatory and planning initiatives positively affecting land and waterfront development opportunities within the coastal zone of the state of Rhode Island.
Rhode Island legislative and government agency officials have been working hard to develop and implement new planning and permit coordinating initiatives to respond to an unprecedented degree of interest in Rhode Island’s coastal shorelines for mixed use and water-dependent use proposals. This heightened level of economic interest has spurred a re-evaluation of state project planning and permitting review priorities and procedures to help achieve a balance between the increasing demand for economic development and the preservation and enhancement of our finite coastal resources.
Program Moderator:
Charlie Natale
President, ESS Group
The panel of speakers participating in this EBC symposium include:

  • Peter Ginaitt, Chair, RI House Committee on Environment and Natural Resources
  • Grover Fugate, Executive Director, RI Coastal Resources Management Council
  • Terry Gray, Assistant Director, RI Department of Environmental Management
  • Dennis Esposito, Partner, Adler Pollack & Sheehan
  • Keith Stokes, Executive Director, Newport Chamber of Commerce
  • Ed Lopes, Vice President, O’Neill Properties Group/Portsmouth Planning Board

The symposium will promote informal discussion, questions and answers, and strong audience participation. Issues to be discussed include:

  • New trends in coastal policy and planning in Rhode Island
  • Recent initiatives by state regulators to better streamline and integrate agency permitting
  • Stakeholder reviews for project proposals in the coastal zone
  • Recent state legislative and regulatory review procedures
  • Special area and municipal planning in the Rhode Island coastal zone
  • Facilitating planned growth with coastal resource preservation
  • Streamlining stakeholder and permitting reviews

Detailed Agenda (PDF)