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EBC PCB/TSCA Subcommittee Meeting

Subcommittee chair:
Frank Ricciardi, P.E., LSPTeam Leader
Weston & Sampson, Inc.
5 Centennial Dr Peabody, MA 01960
978-532-1900 ricciarf @ wseinc.com
Topic: The PCB/ TSCA Subcommittee will be meeting with various industry sales representatives who market encapsulation products for PCB impacted building materials. These encapsulants are typically used to prevent exposures to building materials impacted with PCBs that are left in place for future removal or are left in place for long-term maintenance and monitoring. The Subcommittee will discuss the efficacy of the encapsulants in preventing exposure, weathering, maintenance requirements/details and any case studies they may have.

Unless otherwise noted, all EBC Committee meetings are for EBC members only, and their guests. There is no charge for members to attend this meeting. Please register in advance.
Please contact Rebecca Bar at rbar @ ebcne.org or at 617-505-1818 for more information or to sign up for membership