EBC Ocean & Coastal Resources Program: Resiliency Planning for the City of Boston


Date: June 22, 2016


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Global warming and associated sea level rise has been debated for many decades. As our understanding and knowledge of the science affecting these two factors has improved tremendously, there are those among us who continue to refuse to accept the clear signs of major change about to come to our environment and social ways of living.

In the past decade, scientists observed and recorded as much as 70% increase in precipitation in New England and increase severity of coastal storms. Potential damage to our communities and infrastructure is no longer confined to coastal regions. Inland flooding is as big an issue as coastal flooding. The infrastructure that serve our daily needs, are getting old and they are inadequate in today’s standards to meet current environmental conditions.

Observed and predicted future higher temperatures coupled with rising sea level, increased precipitation, longer droughts and more severe hurricanes and Nor’easters, are affecting every corner of our country and the world. We must develop new understanding of the environment around us and create new resilient systems based on the knowledge we gained. This knowledge needs to be carried forward to accurately forecast the cumulative effect on our cities and society at large.

Boston as a historic City and vulnerable coastal community is directly susceptible to all of the changing environmental factors described above. This proud city has some of the best higher learning institutions in the world where science continues to be the core tool in understanding the complex system of environmental changes that are in play. Regardless of who or why the primary cause of the change is, we need to work together in true partnership to face this challenge to get our city ready for:

  • Adaptation
  • Resiliency
  • Protection
  • Retreat

Speakers at this EBC Ocean and Coastal Resources program represent: the public sector, the City of Boston, a nongovernmental organization, Boston Harbor Now, and a private sector consulting firm, HDR Engineering Inc. Their combined understanding and effort will shed new light and ideas on how to get us ready and minimize risk against the Big Change to come.

General Continuing Education Certificates are awarded by the EBC for this program (2.0 training contact hours). Please select this option during registration if you wish to receive a certificate.

Program Chair

  • Varoujan Y. Hagopian, P.E., F.ASCE, Senior Consultant, Waterfront and Coastal Engineer, GEI Consultants


  • Jerry Friedman, P.E., ENV SP, Senior Project Manager, HDR Engineering, Inc.
  • Carl Spector, Commissioner, Environment Department, City of Boston
  • Julie Wormser, VP for Policy and Planning, Boston Harbor Now

Final Agenda – Ocean and Coastal Resources Program – Resiliency Planning for the City of Boston

The available presentations from the EBC Ocean & Coastal Resources Program: Resiliency Planning for the City of Boston completed on June 22, 2016, can be viewed below. Presentations are not available for download.

6-22-16 MASTER Boston Resiliency Planning.pdf by ebcne

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