EBC Ocean and Coastal Resources Webinar: Confined Aquatic Disposal (CAD) Cells – Wanted: Seeking a Disposal Site


Date: May 13, 2021


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As professionals working in the development, permitting and implementation of coastal projects, we are familiar with the complications that contaminated sediment can cause for projects. What are the options when a project requires the disposal of highly contaminated sediments know as Unacceptably Contaminated Sediments (UCSs)?

Confined Aquatic Disposal (CAD) Cells have become one method in New England for disposal of sediment deemed unsuitable for unconfined open water placement. Coastal CAD Cells are depressions (either natural or man-made) in the seafloor where contaminated dredged material can be placed. When the cell becomes full, a cap of clean sand ‘closes’ the cell to further isolate the surrounding marine biota from the disposed dredged material. There are CAD cells along the coastline of New England that are in use now, serving as cost-effective disposal sites for projects with highly contaminated sediment.

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Final Agenda – Ocean and Coastal Resources Webinar – CAD Cells

This EBC Ocean and Coastal Resources webinar will provide a background on CAD cells, including: what is a CAD cell, how a location is selected for construction, how and by whom it is constructed, what permissions and authorizations are required for disposal, and what types of materials are authorized to be placed in a CAD cell. Speakers for this webinar will include government regulatory authorities, marine contractors, and consultants. Collectively, they will provide important information and perspectives on the eligibility of material to be placed in a CAD cell, environmental and biological concerns of their use, long-term sampling and monitoring programs, and maintenance challenges of CAD cells.

Don’t miss this EBC program if you want to learn more about how a CAD cell could play a role in your future project.

General Continuing Education Certificates are awarded by the EBC for this program (2.0 training contact hours). Certificates are automatically provided via email link for registered attendees at the conclusion of the webinar.

Agenda Details

Program Chairs:

  • Jake Dittes, Water Resources Engineer, Princeton Hydro
  • Michele Simoneaux, Senior Project Manager, Environmental Services, Stantec

Speaker Agenda:

Evolution of CAD Cell Design and Use in New England

  • Steven Wolf, Regional Dredging Coordinator, US Environmental Protection Agency, Region 1 (New England)

Review of CAD Cell Planning, Design and Construction Considerations based on Past Case Studies

  • Ram Mohan, PE, PhD, F.ASCE, Principal, ANCHOR QEA, LLC, Adjunct Professor, Texas A&M University; Director, Center for Dredging Studies

A Dredger’s Perspective on CAD Cells

  • Bill Hanson, Senior Vice President- Market Development & Government Affairs, Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company, LLC

Portland Harbor CAD Cell Investigations and Permitting

  • Michael Johnson, Senior Associate- Environmental Services- US New England, Stantec
PowerPoint Presentations

The available PowerPoint presentations from the EBC Ocean and Coastal Resources Webinar: Confined Aquatic Disposal (CAD) Cells – Wanted: Seeking a Disposal Site completed on May 13, 2021, can be viewed below.

Presentations – Ocean and Coastal Resources Webinar – CAD Cells

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