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EBC NH Chapter – Stormwater Trends in the Granite State

October 20, 2010 @ 7:30 am – 10:00 am

How the Ever-evolving Stormwater Regulations Affect Your Business and Community
Stormwater runoff from construction projects, certain industries, and a number of municipal stormwater systems in New Hampshire are regulated by the USEPA through a permitting system that continues to undergo changes.  EPA has proposed a numeric limit for turbidity from construction site runoff and an appellate court recently ruled that logging roads are no longer exempt from stormwater regulation.  Certain industrial facilities in New Hampshire, such as marinas and paper mills, require permits.  Urbanized municipalities must manage the quality of stormwater in their drainage systems and are anticipating significant changes in the upcoming renewed permit.  Will subdivision and site plan requirements be revised throughout the state?

8:00 a.m.       Welcome       Bob Hasevlat, Chair, EBC New Hampshire Chapter

Business Development Manager, Normandeau Associates

8:10 a.m.       Overview of Stormwater Management in New Hampshire

                                    Program Chair:  Rich Masters, Normandeau Associates

8:30 a.m.       State Stormwater Program

                                    Eric Williams, NHDES Watershed Assistance Section

8:50 a.m.       US EPA Stormwater Program

                        Thelma Murphy, USEPA Region 1 NPDES Permit Program

9:10 a.m.       Directions in New Hampshire Stormwater Management

David Cedarholm, Durham Town Engineer and Chair of the NH Stormwater Legislative Commission      

9: 30 a.m.      Discussion of Issues – Speakers and all Participants

                                    Moderated by Rich Masters, Normandeau Associates, Inc.

10:00 a.m.     Adjourn