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EBC NH Chapter Seminar and Tour – Waste Management Landfill Gas Processing Plant and Landfill Gas Pipeline to UNH

The University of New Hampshire has teamed up with Waste Management to become the first university in the U.S. to use landfill methane gas as its primary energy source. In partnership with Waste Management of New Hampshire, Inc., UNH launched EcoLine, a landfill gas project that will pipe enriched and purified gas from Waste Management’s landfill in Rochester to the Durham campus. Coming from Waste Management’s Turnkey Recycling and Environmental Enterprise (TREE) facility in Rochester, NH, the landfill gas will replace commercial natural gas as the primary fuel in UNH’s cogeneration plant in early 2009. Construction began in 2007 on the landfill gas processing plant in Rochester that purifies the gas sends it through a12.7 mile underground pipeline that transports the gas from the plant to the UNH Durham campus. UNH will become the first university in the U.S. to use landfill gas as its primary energy source.

Plan to attend and learn more about this unique partnership and visit the Waste Management’s cutting edge landfill gas recovery facility.

Alan Davis
District Manager
Waste Management
David Bowley
Project Manager – Ecoline Project
University of New Hampshire