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EBC NH Chapter Program: Renewable Energy at Closed Landfills

Renewable energy at closed landfills provides a unique and productive use of land that normally has limited recreation, conservation or development potential.  This EBC New Hampshire Chapter program will provide speakers and a panel discussion on the development of closed landfills for renewable energy projects in New Hampshire and New England. Presentations will include the specific requirements for landfill development including dealing with potential impact on landfill caps, landfill gas considerations, environmental impacts and the regulatory process. A panel discussion will be held to discuss issues that include financial incentives, policy initiatives and development potential for these renewable energy projects in New Hampshire.

Program ChairFran Hoey
Senior Vice President, Tighe & Bond


  • Amy McDonough, Project Developer, Borrego Solar
  • Brian Huntley, Project Manager, Tighe & Bond
  • Gary Lemay, Business Development Manger, PSNH
  • Paul Chamberlin, Assistant Vice President, University of New Hampshire
  • Mary Downes, NH OEP (invited)
  • Dan Berwick, Director of Policy & Business Development, Borrego Solar
  • Clay Mitchell, Revolution Energy

Final Agenda