EBC New Hampshire Chapter Program: NHDES MTBE Remediation Efforts and UST Regulation Changes


Date: March 3, 2015


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Groundwater is one of New Hampshire’s most important natural resources. The effects of MTBE and other petroleum constituents on our drinking water have been far-reaching. MTBE has been found in many public supply wells and hundreds of private wells. MTBE releases are often the result of failed or leaking Underground Storage Tank Systems, where there is an unencumbered path to groundwater. Municipalities are often left with efforts to relocate municipal well fields or extend public water service. Home owners face locating new drinking water sources and devaluation of personal property.

This EBC New Hampshire Chapter program will provide an overview on current and proposed technologies and approaches to deal with MTBE effects to water supplies, both public and private. It will discuss the formation of the MTBE Remediation Bureau, its Big Picture goals, as well as the administration of the Bureau’s funds in the past.

There also will be a discussion of the impending deadlines for Underground Storage Tank system upgrades.

Program Chair

  • Shelley Tamis, Regional Manager, TMC Environmental


  • Tom Healey, Director of Technical Services, Nouria Energy Corp.
  • Matt Jones, Compliance and Enforcement Subsection Chief, NHDES
  • John Pasquale, Project Manager, MTBE Remediation Bureau, NHDES
  • Josh Whipple, Site Investigation Section Supervisor, MTBE Remediation Bureau, NHDES

Final Agenda

03-03-15 Final Agenda – NHDES MtBe Remediation Efforts and UST Regulation Changes

The available presentations from the EBC New Hampshire Chapter Program: NHDES MTBE Remediation Efforts and UST Regulation Changes, completed on March 3, 2015, can be viewed below. Presentations are not available for download.

3-3-15 MASTER NH Chapter MTBE Remediation

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