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EBC IAQ/Mold Assessment – Getting it Right! – Controlling Your Risk

Indoor air quality (IAQ) continues to be a significant issue impacting employee health and productivity. When VOCs, mold and other IAQ problems arise, facility and building managers have the daunting task of determining what is and what is not real.  To allow the facility manager to determine an appropriate course of action, the Indoor Air Quality Assessment becomes a critical tool. Learn how to structure and conduct the most reliable IAQ assessment. What do the regulations say?  What are current industry standards, design guidelines?  What should you test for?  How should the data be interpreted? What insurance should you have? Also learn about Vapor Intrusion and its impact on IAQ.

Taught by well-known and respected industry leaders, the workshop will be divided with two breaks allowing ample time for networking and questions and answers.

Basics- Regulations, Certifications, Industry Standards
Speaker: Nancy Comeau, Massachusetts Department of Occupational Safety

Helpful Hints
Speaker:  Michael B. Amster, P.E. CIH, CSP, CHMM
Principal Consultant, M.B. Amster  Associates, Inc.

IAQ and Building Specifications
Speaker: A. David Scarchilli, P.E. DEE, Vice President, Occuhealth, Inc
Vapor Intrusion, The Next Horizon
Speaker: Rosemary McCafferty, Senior Environmental Geologist, , Haley and Aldrich, Inc.