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EBC CT Chapter Seminar: Energy Efficiency Programs


Energy Efficiency is the perpetual “low hanging fruit” that can serve a number of important goals.  Businesses like Energy Efficiency because it reduces expenses, which means dollars are added straight to the bottom line.  The power system players (the utilities and grid operators) like Energy Efficiency because fewer power plants need to be constructed and the need for transmission lines might be avoided.  Environmentalists like Energy Efficiency because it means fewer emissions and less waste.  Jobs are created because devices to control systems have to be manufactured, and people are needed to install the energy efficiency upgrades.

All of this can come about because savings are realized over time, or better yet, in many cases can be the source of financing for upgrades.

This seminar will examine Connecticut’s programs to encourage and promote energy efficiency, and explore how various players in the market are coming up with new and better ways to reach some of the higher tier fruit so that residential, institutional, commercial and industrial users can reduce their costs, and improve their bottom lines both economically and environmentally.

8:15 a.m. Utility Perspective on Energy Efficiency

  • Ron Araujo – Manager of Conservation and Load Management, Northeast Utilities

8:40 a.m. Agency Perspective on Energy Efficiency

  • Richard Steeves  – Vice-chair Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund

9:05 a.m. Panel Presentations:  Specialization in Energy Efficiency Upgrades

  • Paul Popinchalk, Celtic Energy
  • Jim Daylor, Ameresco
  • Craig Meadows, CTI Energy Services

10:00 a.m. Networking Break

10:20 a.m. Energy Efficiency of the Future – Implications of technologies

  • Smart Meters and Smart Grid – Camilo Serna, Northeast Utilities
  • Control Devices – Andy Martin, EnergyHub
  • Demand Response/lighting technologies – Paul Popinchalk, Celtic Energy
  • Solar Update – Alex Kragie, Connecticut DEEP

11:10 a.m. Panel Discussion of all participants

12:00 p.m. Adjourn