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EBC Contaminated Sediment Site Management Series Part II – Advances in Sediment Remediation Technologies

This EBC seminar series will focus on the unique issues of contaminated sediment sites.  After decades addressing upland source areas, there has been a significant shift toward assessing and remediating contaminated sediment sites.  Contaminated sediment sites are far more costly to assess and remediate than typical upland sites and thus optimizing the management approach to sediment sites is critical to both reducing costs and gaining regulatory closure.   To assist responsible parties, consultants and regulators with the management of sediment sites, the EBC has organized a series of three seminars that will highlight 1) Advances in Sediment Site Characterization, 2) advances in Sediment Remediation Technologies, 3) and Lessons Learned from completed projects.  The overall intent of highlighting technologies and methods that achieve regulatory compliance while minimizing cost while managing contaminated sediment sites.  If you are involved in contaminated sediment site management this is a must attend seminar series!!

Part II:  Advances in Sediment Remediation Technologies will focus on sediment remediation approaches that will help stakeholders gain a better understanding of new technologies and remedial design considerations at sediment sites.

Program Chair:

  • Russell Schuck, P.G. Haley & Aldrich, Inc.

Speakers and Topics Include:

Biogeochemical Controls on Contaminant Mobility in Contaminated Sediments Following In Situ Capping

  • Dr.  David Himmelheber,  Geosyntec  (invited)

Results of a Field-Scale Pilot test of a Reactive Core Mat to Address Coal Tar Seepage

  • Sean Carroll,  Haley & Aldrich

Sediment Removal Using Industrial Vacuum Equipment

  • Gary Loveland, Terra Contracting, LLC

Applying Low-impact In-situ Treatment for PCBs and other Bioaccumulative Chemicals for Contaminated Sediment Management

  • Dr. Charles Menzie, Exponent

Final Agenda