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EBC Connecticut Chapter Seminar – Environmental Alternative Dispute Resolution in New England: Trends, True Stories, and Tricks of the Trade

October 17, 2006 @ 7:30 am – 11:00 am

Addressing environmental and community concerns is a top agenda item for business these days. How those concerns are addressed can affect profitability, public image, credibility and efficiency. You or a client may be faced with:

  • A regulatory permitting or enforcement issue
  • A controversial land use issue – for example, expanding or siting a facility
  • The need for a public involvement program regarding a controversial environmental issue.

This workshop features some environmental mediators and facilitators with a wealth of experience, including national leaders in the field.  Workshop topics will include:

  • An overview of public participation, collaborative problem solving and conflict resolution processes (public forums, facilitation, mediation and consensus building)
  • Principles for assessing the timing and appropriateness of a process
  • The role of agencies, business and community leaders in a process
  • What to look for when seeking neutral assistance and selecting a neutral party
  • Local and regional case studies
  • Opportunities to get expert advice regarding cases in which you are currently involved.

The morning will include interactive and engaging presentations by the panel and small group discussions regarding experiences with collaborative process.
Society of Women Professionals (SWEP)
Opening Remarks:
Betsey Wingfield
Bureau Chief, Water Protection and Land Reuse
Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection
Kathleen M. Conway
Law Offices of Kathleen M. Conway, LLC
Panel Members:
Matt Schweisberg, Manager, Wetlands Protection Unit, US EPA
Elissa Tonkin, Director, Regional ADR Program, US EPA
William Logue. President, The Logue Group
Cynthia Cook, Adamant Accord, Inc.