EBC Connecticut Chapter Program: Managing PCB Impacted Building Materials


Date: October 20, 2016


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Over the past several years, the occurrence of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in building materials has been a growing concern for public and private property owners in New England.  The approaches used for the management of these materials, however, have been inconsistently applied throughout the industry.

With presentations from industry experts and CT DEEP, this EBC Connecticut program will focus on the Connecticut regulatory perspective, risk assessment behind federal regulations, case studies that highlight the various issues concerning the management of PCB-impacted building materials, and analytical methods for PCBs. The program will explore the interconnection between PCB building materials and applicable Connecticut DEEP regulatory programs and highlight areas of concern for remediation projects.

The program will also include interactive audience polling/surveys for various aspects of the case studies as well as a panel discussion.

  • Types of source materials present in buildings;
  • Demolition and renovation scenarios;
  • Sampling approach and analytical techniques;
  • Risk characterization;
  • Regulatory remediation options/considerations;
  • Remediation/abatement methods;
  • Disposal options;
  • Deed restrictions for remaining impacts; and
  • Legal Implications and Owner’s risk for various approaches.

General Continuing Education Certificates are awarded by the EBC for this program (3.5 training contact hours). Please select this option during registration if you wish to receive a certificate.

Program Chair

  • Malcolm Beeler, LEP, Senior Project Manager, Weston & Sampson


  • Ross Hartman, Executive Vice President, Strategic Environmental Services, Inc.
  • Jim Occhialini, Vice President, Alpha Analytical
  • Clare Olesen, Regional Project Manager, AES Remedial Contracting
  • Lori Saliby, Supervising Environmental Analyst, Storage Tank and PCB Enforcement Unit, Connecticut DEEP

Final Agenda – EBC Connecticut Chapter Program – Managing PCB Impacted Building Materials

The available presentations from the EBC Connecticut Chapter Program: Managing PCB Impacted Building Materials completed on October 20, 2016, can be viewed below. Presentations are not available for download.

10-20-16 MASTER CT PCB Management Program by ebcne on Scribd

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