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Date: September 13, 2018


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EBC Ascending Professionals represent the future of the environmental industry in New England. Over the coming decades, we will rely on one another’s expertise in design, permitting, engineering, construction, and litigation to navigate the most pressing and challenging environmental projects in our region. In order to develop effective interdisciplinary partnerships across the industry, it will be essential to understand the role each of us play within our respective fields.


This Symposium provides an opportunity for Ascending Professionals to present active and completed projects through a series of 5-minute “lightning talks”, setting the stage for future conversation and collaboration. This EBC Ascending Professionals Symposium would be ideal for individuals looking to:

  • Expand their network of peers and collaborators within the environmental industry
  • Improve their presentation and public speaking skills
  • Field-test a presentation prior to a professional meeting
  • Reflect on the successes (and challenges) of active and completed projects

Final Agenda – EBC Ascending Professionals Symposium


Please click here for Speaker Guidelines

Please note: The format for the EBC Ascending Professionals Symposium will be a series of modified lightning talks. During the Symposium, 8 speakers will have the opportunity to present the most important and interesting details of their work during a series of 5-7 minute talks. The format will challenges the presenters to keep on schedule and only highlight the key details of their work. It is also a great opportunity to gain experience presenting or to field-test an upcoming professional presentation. When developing your presentation, please consider the following guidelines:

  • You only have 5-7 minutes to present!
  • You will not be provided with any extra time.
  • You should plan to introduce yourself, your organization, goals of your selected project, steps taken to address project goals, outcomes / lessons learned.
  • Your talk to help other Ascending Professionals better understand your role on the project team and within the green industry at-large.
  • Please limit the number of slides to 5.
  • Focus on graphics and less on text to tell your story (do not plan to read text from slides).
  • Questions generated by your presentation can be addressed during the networking session which will promptly follow the Symposium.

If you have any questions regarding speaker guidelines, please email EBC Communications & Marketing Coordinator, Jackson Bailey, at [email protected].


Symposium Chair & Moderator:

  • Adam Finkle, Coastal Scientist, Woods Hole Group

Symposium Speaker Agenda:

Stormwater Management for Solar Projects


  • Elizabeth Desjardins, Staff Engineer, Tighe & Bond

Fish Counting Past, Present, and Future… but, what about eels?

  • Tyler Parent, Fisheries Scientist, Normandeau Associates

Design and Construction: Container Terminal in Moín, Costa Rica

  • Alicia Kauffman, Coastal Engineer, Jacobs

Diluting the Deadliest Catch: A Study of Complex Hydrodynamics in a Remote Alaskan Harbor

  • Kelly Smith, Water Resources Engineer, Hodge.WaterResources

To Self-Generate or Not To Self-Generate: A CHP Run-Buy Analysis

  • Seth Berkman, Energy Market Analyst, SourceOne, Inc.

Adaptation in Action: Beach Nourishment and Dune Enhancement on the Cape and Islands

  • Adam Finkle, Coastal Scientist, Woods Hole Group


Symposium Details

Registration, Networking: 5:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Symposium: 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

Attendee List

Lindsey Aborn Wilcox & Barton, Inc. Project Geologist
Seth Berkman SourceOne Energy Market Analyst
Claire Bird Roux Associates Business Development Associate
Liz Desjardins Tighe & Bond Staff Engineer
Thomas Funk The Aulson Company Engineer in Training
Bob Hamilton Woods Hole Group President
Hannah Helminiak Vanderweil Engineers Assistant Sustainability Project Manager
Allie Kauffman Jacobs Coastal Engineer
Kelan Koncewicz VHB Environmental Scientist
C. Brad Miller Vanderweil Engineers Assistant Project Manager
Tyler Parent Normandeau Associates Fisheries Scientist
William Peterson Roux Associates Staff Assistant Geologist
Dan Shapiro SunPower Project Manager
Paige Simmons Nitsch Engineering Project Designer
Kelly Siry VHB Water Resource Designer
Kelly Smith HodgeWater Resources Engineer
Erika Towne VHB Water Resources Designer
Anna Valdez Nitsch Engineering Project Designer
David Warren Covanta Solutions Sales Manager
Melissa Wilson Roux Associates Staff Engineer


  • Adam Finkle, Coastal Scientist, Woods Hole Group

The available presentations from the EBC Ascending Professionals Symposium completed on September 13, 2018, can be viewed below.

Presentations – EBC Ascending Professionals Symposium

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