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CALL FOR PAPERS AND EXHIBITORS – Water Resource Management Conference: Policies and Successful Strategies

April 18, 2006 @ 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Sponsors: The Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs,
Office of Technical Assistance and Water Policy Team the Metropolitan Area Planning Council, and the I-495 Metrowest Corridor Partnership
Additional Sponsors: Associated Industries of Massachusetts
Environmental Business Council of New England Massachusetts Municipal Association Massachusetts Water Works Association
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has experienced considerable residential, commercial and industrial growth over the last decade. Accompanying this growth is the increased demand for water supply. This has resulted in greater stress on our natural water systems and has, at times, limited communities ability to grow. Many companies, requiring more water, are faced with limits on their water consumption or with further restrictions on their wastewater discharge. At the same time, municipalities are facing serious challenges as they try to meet this increased demand and stay within their allowable water withdrawal limits.
This conference will provide the tools and strategies for both municipalities and industry to meet the challenge of ensuring adequate water supply to residences, businesses and the natural environment.
The sessions offered will help industries maintain a flexible manufacturing operation as the water resources they rely on become less available; and will help municipalities look at innovative ways to conserve water and find additional water.
Session topics include:


  • Technologies for industries to achieve greater water efficiency
  • Water reuse for commercial, retail, office, residential & recreational purposes
  • Innovative approaches to finding new water water conservation, water offsets, Low Impact Development, etc.
  • Addressing peak demand
  • Best management practices for industries
  • The regulatory environment