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VHB’s 1,500 passionate professionals include engineers, scientists, planners, and designers who partner with public and private clients in the transportation, real estate, institutional, and energy industries, as well as federal, state, and local governments. Together, we work to improve mobility, enhance communities and economic vitality, and balance development and infrastructure needs with environmental stewardship



Service Category:

Archeological and Historical Resources

Biological Assessments and Surveys


Brownfields Redevelopment

Carbon Footprint Assessment

Civil Engineering

Climate Change and Adaptation

Community Relations

CSR & Sustainability Communications

Energy Efficiency

Energy Facility Permitting/Siting/Development

Environmental Due Diligence

Environmental Engineering

Environmental Impact Statements

Environmental Management Systems

GIS Services

Green Building Design

Hazardous Materials

Hazardous Waste Consulting

Historical Restoration


Land Surveying

Land Use Planning

Landscape Architecture

LNG Support

Low Impact Development

Management Consulting

MEPA Specialist

Natural Resources Consulting

Noise Consulting

Nuclear Energy Services

Permitting and Regulatory Compliance

Public Education

Public/Community Relations

Renewable Energy Consulting

Site Assessment

Site Decommissioning

Site Remediation

Soil Analysis

Solar Power Services

Stormwater Management

Sustainable Development

Tidal/Oceanic Power Services

Transportation Services

Wastewater Management

Water Quality

Water Resource Management

Wetlands Management

Wind Power Services