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TRIDENT Environmental Group, LLC (TRIDENT) is a privately held remediation contractor established in 1994.  The company provides remediation and construction services throughout New England.  TRIDENT has conducted numerous remedial projects for soil, sediment, groundwater and surface water. Project sizes and magnitudes range from small container leakage to large, around the clock remedial operations requiring vast resources, personnel and equipment. All projects are implemented using the latest environmental technologies, proper environmental permitting, and health and safety standards. Remedial services include: site excavation, transportation and disposal; bio-remediation; soil vapor extraction and air sparging; dewatering and groundwater treatment activities; and insitu chemical oxidation.


Solid Waste/Construction/Demolition

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Asbestos Abatement


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Environmental Contracting

Hazardous Materials

Mold Testing and Abatement

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Site Decommissioning

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