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Company Profile

Sea Rivers Consulting, LLC (SRC), established in 2016, provides strategic advisory and technical management services in the areas of environmental regulatory impact analysis, permitting, compliance assurance, and environmental management. SRC focuses on delivering solutions that produce favorable outcomes for its clients. SRC staff have extensive experience working in the power, oil and gas, chemicals, forest products, diversified manufacturing, and transportation sectors.

SRC’s Managing Director is Peter H. Anderson. Peter has over 35 years of environmental and management consulting experience specializing in air quality and climate change. Peter has a proven record of successfully completing projects. He works with clients to implement environmental programs that align with and advance company business goals and strategic positioning in the marketplace.



Service Category:

Air Pollution Control

Carbon Footprint Assessment

Climate Change and Adaptation

EH&S Compliance

Environmental Engineering

Environmental Management Systems

Permitting and Regulatory Compliance