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Company Profile


Sanborn Head is a privately held, multi-disciplinary technical consulting firm that applies a strategic approach to assist clients across the United States and throughout the world. We have expanded our services from our original focus in the geo-sciences and engineering to provide a broad array of integrated professional services that create value by helping our clients address complex challenges and manage risks. Our work is exemplified by the trusted relationships we have established, and we take great pride in delivering on our promise of highly responsive service and excellent work product. We are a team of professionals who are passionate about the work we do—deeply committed to our clients, our people, and the world around us.




Service Category:

Air Monitoring and Testing

Air Pollution Control


Brownfields Redevelopment

Carbon Footprint Assessment

Civil Engineering

EH&S Compliance

Energy Efficiency

Energy Facility Permitting/Siting/Development

Environmental Contracting

Environmental Due Diligence

Environmental Engineering

Environmental Impact Statements

Environmental Management Systems

Equipment and Instrumentation


Geotechnical Engineering

Geothermal Services

GIS Services

Government Contractor

Hazardous Materials

Hazardous Waste Consulting

Human Health Risk Assessment


In-Situ Chemical Oxidation

Indoor Air Quality

Industrial Hygiene

LNG Support

Low Impact Development

Permitting and Regulatory Compliance

Pollution Prevention and Control

Renewable Energy Consulting

Site Assessment

Site Decommissioning

Site Remediation

Soil Analysis

Solar Power Services

Solid Waste Management

Stormwater Management

Sustainable Development

Wastewater Management

Water Quality

Water Resource Management