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Company Profile


RPS Ocean Science, a member of the RPS Group, is a global science and technology solutions company. Through consulting, environmental modeling, and application development, RPS Ocean Science helps a diverse range of clients in government, industry, and academia investigate their issues of concern and obtain functional answers.


RPS Ocean Science’s solutions are based on applied science and advanced research. Our services and products, along with our staff’s diverse technical backgrounds, are specialized in the analysis of marine, freshwater, air, and land resources; computer modeling of physical, chemical, and biological processes; geographic information systems (GIS); operational research; and data management.


Since 1979 and in over 100 countries, RPS Ocean Science has been providing services and custom solutions to sectors including energy, environment, construction, defense, security, emergency management, transportation, and shipping.



Service Category:

Biological Assessments and Surveys

Climate Change and Adaptation

Ecological Risk Assessment

Environmental Impact Statements

Government Contractor

Information Technology

LNG Support

Natural Resources Consulting

Renewable Energy Consulting

Tidal/Oceanic Power Services

Water Quality

Water Resource Management

Wind Power Services