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Read Custom Soils learned the soil blending business by meeting the exacting specifications of golf course superintendents. Today we service over 300 golf courses throughout New England.


Starting at “the top”, Read Custom Soils is New England’s leading provider of lightweight planting soil for green roof installations. We are the regional licensed blender of rooflite® Certified Green Roof Media. At the ground level, we are the exclusive New England supplier of stabilized stonedust; the pervious surface of choice for nature paths and pedestrian walkways. We offer Stabilizer® (from Stabilizer Solutions) or the new Organic-Lock™ binder from Envirobond. Adding our FiberSoils™ “turfgrids” to sand-based soil makes it possible to drive and park on grass by dramatically boosting the shear strength and load bearing capacity of the soil. Read is the licensed supplier of Cornell University Structural Soil™ (“CU Soil”); a proprietary blend for successfully planting trees in challenging urban environments. Our bioretention / rain garden soils are specifically designed and blended to project specifications to provide a balance of pollutant sequestration and water infiltration, while supporting plant growth.


We are New England’s most experienced precision blenders. We operate from a state-of-the-art blending facility in Carver, Mass. (located in the heart of our enormous reserves of USGA quality sand) and from our Westford wash plant and blending yard.



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Green Building Design

Low Impact Development

Stormwater Management

Sustainable Development