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Princeton Hydro is a small business enterprise that was formed in 1998 with the specific mission of providing integrated ecological and engineering consulting services. Offering unparalleled expertise in natural resource management, water resources engineering, geotechnical design & investigation, and regulatory compliance, our staff provides a full suite of services throughout the Mid-Atlantic and New England states. We have offices in South Glastonbury, Connecticut; Ringoes, New Jersey; Sicklerville, New Jersey; Bowie, Maryland; and Exton, Pennsylvania. Our multidisciplinary team has the skill sets necessary to conduct highly comprehensive assessments; develop and design appropriate, sustainable solutions; and successfully bring those solutions to fruition.


At Princeton Hydro, we are committed to changing our ecosystems, quality of life, and communities for the better. Our passion and commitment to the integration of innovative science and engineering drive us to exceed on behalf of every client. We take great pride in our reputation of delivering comprehensive ecosystem-based solutions that are cost-effective. Our engineers and scientists have in‐depth knowledge of urban, coastal, riverine, floodplain, and wetland environments. Our 50+ technical personnel and ten (10) administrative staff include individuals with academic training and real-world project experience – many with advanced degrees and/or professional licenses – in hydrology and hydrogeology, green stormwater management, aquatic and wetland ecology, coastal resiliency, geotechnical investigation, wetland and stream restoration, fishery biology, population and community ecology dynamics, stakeholder engagement, environmental planning, and environmental risk analysis. The unique skills and cumulative expertise of our highly-experienced staff are reflected in the creative nature of Princeton Hydro’s award-winning projects.



Service Category:

Civil Engineering

Climate Change and Adaptation

Environmental Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering

GIS Services


Landscape Architecture

Permitting and Regulatory Compliance

Stormwater Management

Water Quality

Water Resource Management

Wetlands Management