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Oxbow Associates provides Wetlands and Threatened and Endangered Species assessment and permitting services to clients in the Northeast. Clients include utility, solar (PV) development, commercial and residential interests. We provide wetlands delineation, permitting and compliance monitoring. Our specialty services include ecological assessments, botanical surveys and evaluations, herpetological and invertebrate assessments and permit planning, and permit planning and preparation for T & E species impacts. We have assisted clients with projects located in habitat for some of the most endangered species in New England including: Timber Rattlesnake, Northern Copperhead, Black Rat Snake, St. Andrews Cross, Maryland Meadow Beauty, Slimy Salamander and numerous other listed and protected species.



Service Category:

Biological Assessments and Surveys

Ecological Risk Assessment

Natural Resources Consulting

Permitting and Regulatory Compliance

Wetlands Management