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Organix Solutions is an organics recovery and municipal solid waste company based in Minnesota with a local office in Massachusetts. Our roots are in waste hauling. Fifteen years ago in response to Minnesota state and municipal legislation around organics diversion we began vetting various methods of collecting organics as a separate waste stream. We eventually pioneered the Blue Bag Organics® co-collection model that utilizes our proprietary compostable bag designed to withstand compaction in a standard rear load truck. Now a single waste collection vehicle can collect both organic waste and general waste in a single trip. Eliminating the need for multiple trucks, on even a relatively small scale, has a significant economic and environmental impact.


We received a patent for our co-collection method in June 2017. The first of its kind program, the patent covers the method of collecting and processing of compostable organic waste material, establishing our patent portfolio that includes our product line of compostable bags. Today 45 communities in Minnesota participate in Organix Solutions’ Co-Collection Program and more are signing on. We are now rolling out the co-collection program nationwide as Green Bag Organix™.


We have also assembled a Project Team Collaborative dedicated to the implementation of our Layered Approach™ for managing solid waste and organics processing. Our project team has deep waste industry experience in processing and infrastructure. We work with both the public and private sectors on the design and build-out of advanced material recovery facilities and transfer stations. We deliver cost-effective and sustainable collection and processing solutions that recover organic waste and maximize the potential value of recyclable feedstocks.



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