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Normandeau Associates Inc. is one of the largest science-based environmental firms in the U.S. and serves both the private and public sectors. Normandeau combines experience, continuous training, hard work and a commitment to deliver the highest possible level of environmental science-based consulting services to our clients.Our highly experienced and respected staff of over 200 employees work closely with clients, regulators, and the public to achieve project goals, meet regulatory requirements, and promote sustainable economic development while protecting and restoring natural resources. Headquartered in Bedford, NH, Normandeau has offices nationwide, from Maine to Florida on the East Coast and in CA on the West Coast. The company is 100% employee-owned through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) and believes such an ownership structure provides a competitive advantage.



Service Category:

Biological Assessments and Surveys

Climate Change and Adaptation

Ecological Risk Assessment

Energy Facility Permitting/Siting/Development

Energy Production & Transmission Services

Environmental Contracting

Environmental Due Diligence

Environmental Impact Statements

Environmental Management Systems

GIS Services

Government Contractor

Hazardous Waste Consulting

Hydropower Services

Laboratory/Testing Services

LNG Support

Natural Resources Consulting

Nuclear Energy Services

Permitting and Regulatory Compliance

Public/Community Relations

Renewable Energy Consulting

Site Decommissioning

Stormwater Management

Sustainable Development

Tidal/Oceanic Power Services

Transportation Services

Wastewater Management

Water Quality

Water Resource Management

Wetlands Management

Wind Power Services