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Noble, Wickersham & Heart LLP provides practical legal advice from attorneys with national expertise in environmental, land use, design, and construction law. We provide services for public and private clients, large and small. Jay Wickersham, Bennet Heart, and Barbara Landau and Catherine Redmond provide a wide variety of environmental legal services, using their backgrounds as senior government attorneys and their experience advising private and government clients on brownfields redevelopment, climate adaptation and resilience, hazardous waste cleanup and cost recovery, environmental impact review, zoning, smart growth, wetlands, endangered species, environmental insurance, green building, and other issues environmental and land use matters. We also have extensive experience with design and construction contracts of development projects throughout the US and the world.



Service Category:

Brownfields Redevelopment

Environmental Impact Statements

Green Building Design

Hazardous Waste Consulting

Legal Services

Sustainable Development