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No Fossil Fuel, LLC was founded by Mary O’Donnell in 2011. No Fossil Fuel owns and operates a 6 MW Wind Farm in Kingston, MA, comprising of 3 Gamesa G90 2.0 MW turbines. In addition, Mary O’Donnell developed a 4 MW solar array in Marshfield, MA on a capped landfill, and developed a 6 MW array in a farm in Dartmouth, MA. No Fossil Fuel is currently pursuing and developing both solar and wind facilities across the country. No Fossil Fuel currently has a total of over 10 MW of solar (all category 1 land use designations) in mid-stage development in Massachusetts. A 650kW ground mount PV facility in Wilbraham, MA, co-developed a 4.6 MW solar canopy parking facility in Kingston, MA, and currently have 30 MW of wind and solar under development.


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Renewable Energy Developer