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NER, founded in 1989, is a privately owned corporation. Our primary business focus is to provide an outlet for home owners, contractors, and commercial businesses to recycle as much as possible.


We provide the following services:

  • Mixed Construction & Demolition Debris Removal & Disposal. (10yd, 15yd, Short & Tall 20yd, Long 20yd, 3oyd & 40yd Roll-Off Containers or 75yd or 100yd “LIVE LOAD” Trailers)
  • Concrete/brick & Asphalt Removal & Disposal (20yd Roll-Off Containers or 30yd “Live Load” Trailers)
  • Stump & Brush Removal & Disposal (Roll-off Containers & 75yd “LIVE LOAD” Trailers)
  • Metal/Steel Only (Roll-Off Containers or 30yd, 75 yd and 100 yd “Live Load” Trailers)
  • Roofing Material. (10yd, 15yd, Short & Tall 20yd, Long 20yd & 30yd Roll-Off Containers Only)


New England Recycling is one of the few approved Construction & Demolition (C & D) Recycling facilities that ACCEPTS ALL of the material that is now BANNED FROM ALL LANDFILLS in Massachusetts. We are dedicated to recycling as much Construction & Demolition as possible in order to comply with all waste bans. All material that we accept is processed and sorted at this facility. Contractors and homeowners are also welcome to transport and dispose of their materials here using their own vehicles.


Solid Waste/Construction/Demolition

Service Category:

Construction and Demolition Materials

Recycling Services