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J.F. Brennan Company offers flexible approaches and innovative solutions to successfully restore contaminated waterways and wetlands. For nearly 100 years we have been providing quality services through innovative approaches and safe practices. Through hydraulic, mechanical, amphibious, and diver-assisted micro dredging we have emerged as an industry leader in environmental dredging, transport and disposal. Our clients can expect us to not only deliver a successful outcome, but a well-coordinated, collaborative process in which it is achieved. We understand that a successful project is not only measured by the outcome but through the journey in which that outcome is achieved. The difference Brennan offers is our uniquely skilled set of people, our flexibility, our equipment, and our experience.



Dam Repairs and Removals

Site Remediation

Solid Waste/Construction/Demolition

Service Category:

Brownfields Redevelopment

Climate Change and Adaptation

Construction and Demolition Materials

Environmental Contracting

Government Contractor

Hydropower Services

Site Remediation

Wetlands Management