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New England is a region rich in environmental resources. At Hunton Andrews Kurth, our attorneys have advised clients across the New England region for decades and understand the challenges businesses face operating in this region. Hunton’s award-winning environmental practice includes a team of over 50 lawyers—with deep knowledge and experience to handle the full range of environmental matters. Our attorneys have extensive experience advising clients on state and federal environmental issues in New England, and nationwide, on every phase of energy, infrastructure, development and other large-scale projects, from site selection and environmental due diligence, through preparation of environmental analyses and negotiation of federal and state permits, and in litigation.


Through its Boston office, Hunton offers clients in New England access to the robust resources of a full-service, international firm combined with an understanding of regional issues and local courts. Our Boston environmental attorneys are former in-house counsel at large energy, water, and wastewater companies and/or utilities who possess a sharp understanding of the nuanced environmental policies and requirements facing the commercial and industrial sectors in New England. In addition to our environmental team, our Boston office has attorneys specializing in Litigation and Labor & Employment law.


Many of our environmental attorneys, including those in our Boston office, started their careers working for federal and state environmental regulatory and enforcement agencies or in Congress before moving to private practice. Our extensive relationships with state and federal regulators, via our prior work in local, state, and federal agencies and our broad environmental practice, uniquely position us to assist clients in efficiently, creatively and comprehensively resolving environmental issues, ranging from the straightforward to the most complex.


In addition, our attorneys have substantial familiarity with regional special interests, including, but not limited to, non-profit environmental groups that are particularly active in New England and nationwide equipping us with insights for strategic positioning. Such non-governmental organizations frequently pursue agendas and employ strategies and tactics designed to frustrate and delay projects, operations or business interests of our clients. In fact, many routinely raise opposition to new projects or file citizen suits, seeking to delay projects or to challenge existing operations. Our prior experience helps us efficiently and effectively resolve or defend complaints, and establish strategies for our clients to permit, execute and complete key project schedules and/or meet operational needs.



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