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GeoInsight is an employee-owned, steadily growing, engineering and environmental strategy consulting firm with 57 dedicated and attentive staff capable of confidently addressing a wide range of disciplines. GeoInsight has offices located in: Littleton, Massachusetts; Manchester, New Hampshire (corporate headquarters); Middletown, Connecticut; and York, Maine. Our mission is to provide efficient, technically sound assistance to clients involved with land development, infrastructure maintenance and construction, regulatory compliance, environmental assessment and remediation, development and permitting of drinking water sources, and litigation matters. We are highly responsive to the needs and objectives of our clients, and we enjoy partnerships based upon mutual respect and open communications.

GeoInsight staff have provided consulting services to clients throughout the northeast region for nearly three decades. Our expertise areas include: environmental characterization and risk assessment; environmental remediation and site closure; geotechnical engineering; civil engineering; stormwater management; construction services; air compliance; health & safety compliance and support; auditing and environmental compliance; water supply services; and solid waste permitting and design services. We have worked hard to develop highly respected reputations with regulators in the New England states and we are well-known for providing high-quality services for very competitive fees.



Service Category:

Air Monitoring and Testing

Air Pollution Control


Brownfields Redevelopment

Civil Engineering

EH&S Compliance

Environmental Contracting

Environmental Due Diligence

Environmental Engineering

Environmental Impact Statements

Environmental Management Systems


Geotechnical Engineering

GIS Services

Hazardous Waste Consulting


In-Situ Chemical Oxidation

Indoor Air Quality

Infrastructure Safety/Security

Land Surveying

Land Use Planning

Low Impact Development

Natural Resources Consulting

Permitting and Regulatory Compliance

Pollution Prevention and Control

Risk Management

Site Assessment

Site Decommissioning

Site Remediation

Soil Analysis

Solid Waste Management

Spill Clean-up Services

Stormwater Management

Sustainable Development

Wastewater Management

Water Quality

Water Resource Management