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EPSILON ASSOCIATES, INC. is a full range environmental consulting firm specializing in securing environmental approvals for real estate, energy, and infrastructure development projects for public and private sector clients. Our reputation for practical strategies, technical expertise, a focused work effort, and successful project outcomes has made us an industry leader. Epsilon’s Principals and senior staff cultivate and maintain constructive working relationships with federal and state agencies to provide effective advocacy for our clients. Our credibility with the agencies — combined with carefully conceived regulatory strategies, sound environmental analyses, and clear and concise filings — enables us to secure timely and workable approvals for our clients.



Service Category:

Air Monitoring and Testing

Air Pollution Control

Archeological and Historical Resources

Biological Assessments and Surveys

Climate Change and Adaptation

EH&S Compliance

Energy Facility Permitting/Siting/Development

Energy Production & Transmission Services

Environmental Due Diligence

Environmental Engineering

Environmental Impact Statements

Environmental Management Systems


GIS Services

Historical Restoration


Land Use Planning

LNG Support

MEPA Specialist

Natural Resources Consulting

Noise Consulting

Permitting and Regulatory Compliance

Pollution Prevention and Control

Renewable Energy Consulting

Sustainable Development

Water Quality

Wetlands Management

Wind Power Services