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Company Profile

EndPoint was formed to provide environmental consulting and regulatory compliance services to industrial and commercial businesses, lending institutions, government, municipalities, and property owners throughout the Northeastern United States. The company specializes in environmental and building media characterization and remediation of hazardous materials and oil with an emphasis on regulatory compliance. Our staff maintains professional registrations and certifications needed to conduct the specific services we offer in the states we do business.

Our business model is simple: we are always thinking of an endpoint when solving a client’s environmental problem, while focusing on their business productivity, performance and profitability. To be effective, we stay current on federal and state environmental regulations and policies, as well as technical and scientific applications specific to our services. When challenged with a client’s environmental or regulatory problem, we solve it by applying our technical and regulatory knowledge within our client’s business and legal framework. However, in the end, we realize it’s not about technical approaches or methods…. It’s about a successful conclusion.



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Environmental Due Diligence

Site Remediation