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Company Profile

Founded in 2004, EnChem Engineering, Inc., based in Newton, MA, is an expert in the design and implementation of advanced environmental remediation services for both common organic and emerging contamination. EnChem Engineering has been a hazardous waste consultant to the US EPA, the US Air Force, and Fortune 500 companies.


EnChem Engineering provides a complete line of professional services to expedite the implementation of a timely and cost effective solution to your environmental issues. Our professional services will take your project from the initial site investigation to the design and implementation of a remedy. The extensive experience of our technical staff provides you with cost effective solutions to your environmental problems. Other services include the evaluation of existing remedies that have not met project objectives. We provide changes/upgrades to the existing remedial system in order to bring the site to closure.


EnChem Engineering works with:

  • Environmental engineering and consulting companies
  • Environmental liability insurance carriers
  • Environmental law firms
  • Government Agencies
  • Petroleum distributors
  • Commercial and industrial companies


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